As a result of seven Baptist ladies in Gourock having a strong wish to see a Christian witness begin in their own community, Gourock Baptist Church was founded.

In order to go to a Baptist church the ladies had to walk to and from Greenock. Their first step was to meet in each other’s homes. One of them, a Mrs J. Veitch, owned Veitch’s Temperance Hotel in Kempock Street, where some of their meetings were held.

In October 1895 Gourock Baptist Church was formally founded. As numbers grew they had to move to various venues, including the Gamble Institute. In 1898 the church moved into its brand new building in King Street. Due to further great increases in attendance the present church sanctuary was opened in 1924.

Throughout its history Gourock Baptist has been a church where visitors are warmly welcomed; a church which cares about the community it is in.