Our Purpose

is to glorify God; to love and serve each other and our neighbours.


Gourock Baptist’s Vision is to reach out with the love of Christ,
giving hope and encouragement;
serving all selflessly in spiritual and practical ways.


Kingdom. As followers of Jesus, we will strive to live by the expectations and standards of heaven in the present.

Passion. Our passion is to partner with God to be a compelling force for good in the world; serving, sacrificing, loving and caring about the things God cares about.

Prayer. We will be known as a church committed to prayer for all peoples and nations.

Loyalty. We will be faithful, constant and steadfast to Biblical truth, to God and to each other; living lives of integrity.

Refuge. We will create a community where people feel safe, confident and where everyone is treated with love, grace and forgiveness.

Celebration. We will celebrate the divine in our daily living, pursuing lives of hope, gratitude and worship.

Value. We recognise that people are integrated beings of mind, body and spirit, each person being valued and accepted for who they are, not what they have or do.

Creativity. As God has made us imaginative and creative, we will use these gifts in expressing our faith.